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5 Reasons to Visit New York City

New York City is far from an undiscovered gem when it comes to travel and tourism, but there is a reason why it’s still such a popular destination when it comes to people looking for both short city breaks and longer vacation stays alike. It has captured the hearts and imaginations of countless visitors, some becoming so enamored with the city they have later permanently relocated there. If you have yet to wander these iconic streets, here are five reasons why New York should be your next getaway.

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Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash.

1. The History

If you love to learn about the history of the places you visit, there will be plenty of opportunities during your stay in New York to find out all about its past—from the time when the land on which the city stands was home to Native Americans to how the city started as a small settlement and eventually grew to become one of the biggest, most vibrant cities in the world. Not to mention its time as the capital city of the United States back in 1785, the development of the famous Central Park in 1857, and the city’s role in the liberation movement for the LGBTQ+ community with the Stonewall riots in 1969. Many destinations around the world have an incredibly rich history, and New York City is certainly one of these places.

2. The Nightlife

It’s not called “the city that never sleeps” for nothing! For those who prefer a more nocturnal lifestyle, New York is probably the best city for you to visit. Whether you want to dance the night away in a club, sip cocktails at a bar, or just pop out to grab a late-night snack at a diner, you’ll find that many venues are open in the depths of the night. For more tips and guides on the best places to visit and the hotels to stay in, visit Mr Hudson Explores.

3. Arts and Culture

New York isn’t just great for night clubs and dancing, but it’s also the perfect destination for those looking to soak up some arts and culture. Broadway boasts a selection of top-notch shows that keep audiences coming back for more, or you can choose to explore more independent theaters for more experimental and unique entertainment. Numerous museums and galleries are home to some of the finest artworks and artifacts in history, not to mention a lively music scene.

4. The Food

As a multicultural city, New York is ideal for food lovers and it’s not hard to find cuisine to tickle your tastebuds. While the first types of food that come to mind when thinking of New York eats might be bagels and pizzas, there is so much more on offer from a range of quality eateries—both high-end restaurants as well as laid-back diners. There’s also a great craft-beer scene so you can enjoy a fresh, cold pale ale to wash down all that delicious food.

5. It Suits Every Budget

New York might seem like an expensive destination, but it doesn’t have to be. With many great deals on flights and accommodation, visiting New York on a budget is more than achievable, and there are plenty of fantastic cheap eats and activities, which means your visit will be an incredible experience no matter what your budget.

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