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Lower East Side Deli Legend Katz's Is Coming to Brooklyn

Some good news for New Yorkers! Katz’s, the famed delicatessen will be opening a Brooklyn location in 2017. While the exact opening date hasn’t yet been released, the franchise has hinted that it could be any day now, which leaves all of Brooklyn giddy with excitement. So what should you expect? Let’s go over the details, from where to find the new Katz’s Delicatessen to what you might find on the famed menu.


Katz's Delicatessen

First things first: location, location, location. The original Katz's location (above) has been feeding New Yorkers for over a century from the Lower East Side. The new Katz’s outpost will be located at 1 DeKalb Ave., right on the border of the neighborhoods of Downtown Brooklyn and Fort Greene. Conveniently enough, it'll also be within blocks of the DeKalb Ave., Hoyt St., Nevins St., and Jay St. Metro Tech Stations, accessible via the B, D, N, Q, R, W, 2, 3, A, C, 4, 5, and F trains. Katz’s will be located in the DeKalb Market Hall, an enormous culinary center that will house 37 vendors, each of which reflects the cultural and ethnic diversity of Brooklyn. Along with Katz’s Delicatessen, other DeKalb Market Hall vendors will include Ample Hills, Arepa Lady, Belle Cheese, Café D’Avignon, Cuzin’s Duzin, Fletcher’s BBQ Forcella, and a handful of other carefully curated restaurants. Needless to say, Katz’s will be in good company come opening day.


Katz's Delicatessen

As far as the menu goes, if it’s anything like the original Katz’s Deli in Manhattan, you should be able to order all of the franchise’s famous dishes, including Katz’s Pastrami Hot Sandwich, Turkey Hot Sandwich, Reuben Hot Sandwich, Matzo Ball Soup, Katz’s Corned Beef Hot Sandwich, Katz’s Brisket Hot Sandwich, and Potato Latkes. As for sides, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Cole Slaw, Steak Fries, Noodle Pudding Kugel, and Sweet Potato Knish are on the list. If you’ve never been to Katz’s before, expect huge portions. In fact, if you don’t come with a raging appetite, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be bringing home at least half of your sandwich for leftovers (which isn’t a bad thing!).


Katz's Delicatessen

The original Katz’s Deli opened in 1917 following the multiple changing of hands (the deli itself was established in 1888). Willy Katz’s deli quickly became a major staple in the Lower East Side, which was home to millions of newly immigrated families in the early twentieth century. During World War II, the company slogan, “Send a Salami to Your Boy in the Army” became popular, bringing in hundreds of more customers. When the Yiddish theater was peaking, Katz’s was again consistently filled with actors, singers, and comedians ordering up staples, such as franks and beans. To this day, Katz’s has remained a culinary landmark in the New York City dining industry, and it continues to drawing in locals and tourists alike no matter the season, month, or year. We can only hope that the new Brooklyn location will have just as much success!

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